Usage Ideas

Marketing and promotional ideas to help you maximize the program.
Value Icon

Add Value

Offer the program to your customers as a way to enhance the value of your products & services.

Contest Icon

Contest Platform

Hold contests for using your products. Great for marketing and encouraging product usage.

Sales Icon

Additional Sales

Use the message board and other tools to discuss new products, promotions and special offers.

People Icon

Lead Generation

Offer a free membership to potential customers, who will then see your brand and products upon joining.

Referral Icon

Referral Bonus

Allow existing customers to give away memberships, thereby increasing referrals and word-of-mouth.

Video Icon

Sales Presentations

Give away codes when posting promotional videos to encourage viewership and attentiveness.

Twitter Icon

Social Media

Give out memberships to people who follow your social media pages, boosting your follower numbers.

Destination Icon

Website Traffic

Add a diet tracking program to your website as a way in increase your hit counts and pageviews.

Newsletter Icon

Newsletter Incentive

Offer the program as an incentive for joining your email newsletter; a way to boost your subscriber numbers.