Program Features

A tracking program that is sure to delight your clients.

Laptop and Tablet

A full-featured diet tracking program and mobile app.

It all starts with a great tracking program. It has to be intuitive, easy-to-use and reflect your company in a professional manner. We've crafted the perfect companion for your business or practice.

  • Users can track meals, exercise, weight, water & more
  • Over 25 charts provide key insight and motivation
  • Users can set and track their goals and progress

Branding Screens

Your branding, logo, colors & mobile icons.

Our intuitive control panel makes it easy to upload your logo, icons & images, change colors, add text and integrate your company into the tracking program.

  • Match the look and feel of your brand
  • Only your brand, no references to us
  • Custom programming options available

Juice and Mobile App

Integrate your products, meal plans, exercises and more.

Upload your products, exercises and meal plans, and make them trackable for your users. Include product images, nutritional information and exercise instructions.

  • Make it easy to follow your plan and track your products
  • Your products are automatically added to user favorites lists
  • Support for unique tracking needs: supplements, fasting, etc.

User Poll Screen

Engage users with a message board & challenges.

Keep users engaged with tracking challenges and a private message board. A great way to build a community and interact with your clients directly.

  • Upload images and conduct polls on the message board
  • Conduct tracking challenges that include your products
  • Add company events to the tracking calendar

Juice and Mobile App

Connect your staff with your clients.

Assign users to staff members for one-on-one interaction. Perfect if your business incorporates personal trainers, health coaches, instructors, dietitians or other staff-to-client relationships.

  • Private communication board & client-to-staff conversation
  • Users can share weekly progress recaps with staff
  • Staff-specific calendar events and challenges
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