Program Benefits

Supercharge your business by surrounding your products with a high-quality digital experience.

Mobile App with Products

Enhance the value to your health products and services.

Add value and increase the effectiveness of your health products & services by offering an integrated digital experience to your clients.

  • Add extra value for your clients, at minimal cost for you
  • Increase client satisfaction and create brand affinity
  • Gain a competitive advantage over the competition

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Attract new clients & keep existing clients engaged.

Finding new clients and keeping existing clients are important to any business. Our platform can help you do both, and become an important part of your marketing strategy.

  • Make your products and services more attractive to buy
  • Increased product usage = increased likelihood of reorder
  • Keep your clients connected to your brand

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Put your brand on their phone, tablet & computer.

In today's technology-focused world, having a place on your client's phone and devices can be invaluable. Put your brand and products at their fingertips!

  • Have your logo & icon on your user's devices and favorites list
  • Only your brand, no references to us or any other company
  • Seamless experience regardless of device

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A great addition for marketing and promotion.

Beyond promoting the additional value the program adds, we've integrated some key tools that allow for additional marketing possibilities.

  • Use the tracking challenges as an incentive platform
  • Promote key events, sales & promotions on the event calendar
  • Collect and export the email addresses of your members