Frequently Asked Questions

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01. Can I upload my own exercise videos?

Yes. All users can integrate as many YouTube videos as desired. Our business accounts can upload MP4 videos in addition to YouTube.

02. Can I upload my own recipes?

Yes. You can upload recipes with a photo, instructions and nutritional content via your control panel.

03. Does the program come with any content?

Yes. It includes 80+ exercise videos, 80+ recipes and food lists. Each of these can be disabled if you desire.

04. Can I demo the control panel?

No, but you can see it in action on our YouTube channel. We made a playlist that focuses on the control panel.

05. How do users get the app?

A. As the admin, you can email or text an access code and instruction to your users. Users can also scan a QR code to install on their mobile devices.

06. Is the program compatible with Fitbit?

Yes. Users can sync their Fitbit to the program and import their step counts.

07. Is the program compatible with Withings?

Yes. Users can sync their Withings devices and import their weight and step counts.

08. Can I see my user's diet data?

A. No. Due to privacy concerns, you cannot view your user's tracking data or access their account.

09. How should I promote the site?

You should promote the program on your website and social media accounts. In your control panel, you'll find code to put a login box on your website and some other integration tools.

10. How big is your food database?

While seamless to the user, we combine several databases that add up to over 1 million trackable food items.

11. Do you have a food barcode scanner?

Yes, a barcode food scanner is included with our business accounts. The barcode database features over 700,000 unique barcodes/UPCs.

12. Do you support multiple languages?

Yes, our custom option can be adapted to support other languages.