Marketing Phrases

Is Your Business a Silo?

There is a significant trend evolving today in the business world.

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Marketing Phrases

The Importance of Words

Meanings associated with specific words.

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Designing An App

Your Own Tracking App vs. MyFitnessPal

Which approach is best for your organization?

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Health Tablet

Where Hope and Technology Meet

Searching for hope in the medical world.

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New Technology

Coping with Ever Changing Technology

Maintaining a diversified life portfolio.

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Woman Tracking

Calorie Tracking vs. All Macronutrients

Simplicity versus tracking all nutrients.

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Decision Making

Knowledge, Skill, and Attitude

The Critical Differences Between Knowledge, Skill, and Attitude.

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Healthcare Industry

Dramatic Changes in Healthcare

This is not the healthcare system of your parent's generation!

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App Assessment

How Effective is Your App?

Assessing your current app and provider.

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Diet App

Native Apps vs. Progressive Web Apps

Choosing the best way to deliver your app is important.

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